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Our most popular package combines an offshore corporation and a corporate bank account with debit/credit card.

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New ANONYMOUS ATM card available - More information.



North American office is opened in Montreal,Quebec to service the US and Canada.

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Advantages of Incorporation

More people are learning of the advantages of a personal offshore corporation to guard against lawsuits and shelter income. What are the advantages?

Protection From Lawsuits

Tens of thousands of lawsuits are filed in the U.S. each week. Juries award ever-increasing sums to plaintiffs. Ex-spouses, ex-business partners, disgruntled employees or predatory attorneys may file suit if they believe a potential defendant is an attractive target.


Financial Privacy

The ability to conduct business and financial matters without anyone knowing the parties envolved. Anonymity!


Offshore Tax Havens

We specialize in offshore corporations that are reqistered in tax havens such as Belize, Panama and BVI. Your offshore corporation will be exempted from all taxes!

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